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Guest Editors in Photo Annual, Round 2

Glen Plake picked quirky stuff.

Kent Kreitler picked his buds.

Hart Eddy picked nothing but air.

The guest editors have come and gone, but their echoes remain. All our pretty scenic photos and quiet touring shots are still cowering in the corner, afraid to come out for fear of another grenade being tossed their way. The photos of cliff drops, on the other hand, are strutting their stuff, loud and proud, having been stroked, praised, worshipped, and slam-dunked into the magazine.

Yes, badass is back. And what do you expect—Plake is the most visible badass of his generation, Kreitler is carrying the torch, and the contest winner Eddy is just outta high school. These guys wanted to see one thing—skiers going big—and they wouldn’t settle for anything less. As an added value, they were brutally honest and skiers to the bone.

Plake was the loudest of the bunch, by far. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise: Plake’s whole schtick is being brash and outrageous, something that’s made him rich and famous by the standards of our little world and garnered many detractors as well as supporters. What you might not know about Plake is that he’s often—not always, but most of the time—right on. His instincts about skiing are as genuine as they get, and his sense of ski history is unsurpassed by any of his peers, most magazine people, and…well, just about anyone.

Glen sees through the bullshit and he unflinchingly calls it as he sees it. This angers and intimidates a lot of people, but, along with his obsession with everything skiing and his ability to carve a successful career out of an ambivalent industry, it’s the quality about him I admire the most. It’s ironic, though: Despite being more vocal about skiing than anyone I know, Plake didn’t put captions on the photos he picked. It certainly wasn’t because of laziness or lack of caring—he called me five times in the week after he was here to follow up on things—but because he wanted you to draw your own conclusions about the photos. Unlike a lot of people in this world, Glen wants people to think for themselves.

I’ve been toying with the idea of having Glen guest-edit a whole issue by himself—front to back, top to bottom, first chair to last. Frankly, the idea scares the hell out of me. But I think it would be one of the truest, coolest issues we could ever do. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s the Photo Annual. I hope you dig it.

First published in Powder Magazine, issue 25.5, January 1997. Copyright Steve Casimiro 2001. All rights reserved.

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